Avatar is # 1! Er…# 26!

January 28, 2010

According to BoxOfficeMojo, last Monday Avatar passed James Cameron’s little sinking-boat chick-flick for biggest take evah, at over $ 1.8 billion. That makes it # 1 in # of dollars of tickets sold.

But adjust for inflation, and it’s only # 26, just ahead of…Thunderball. Yep, Bond, James Bond. The Bond movie so good they made it twice (same basic plot in Never Say Never Again. Interesting story, that.).

What’s really #1? Gone With The Wind, of course.

But, you say, the #1 number was worldwide, and the # 26 is domestic. Not fair!, you say. OK, then Titanic wins the domestic number, so far…but that could change.

Back in 1939, the “Golden Year of Movies,” GWTH did three times the amount of money – ticket sales – of Avatar. Worldwide numbers aren’t on that page, probably because in 1939 there were relatively few theaters in a lot of the countries where today we find many.

There was also that little adventure Germany was engaging itself in at the time. Might have cut down on the attraction for an American Civil War movie in , say, Poland.

Know what else came out in 1939? The Wizard of Oz. Stagecoach, by John Ford. He also did Young Mr. Lincoln that year. Frank Capra turned out Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Then there were Wuthering Heights, Destry Rides Again, Gunga Din, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Of Mice and Men, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And a bunch of others. Pretty tough competition, eh?


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