3 times we expected too much…

January 27, 2010

The Apple iPad. Yes, iPad. You gotta problem wit dat?

In the past 12 months Americans (and those in other countries as well, I expect) had unreasonable expectations three times.

First, it was James Cameron’s Avatar. It was gorgeous, a superb blend of CGI and live-action that seemed to be well worth the $ 600 M+ it cost to make it. The story was a little light, though. Still, at last count it was the #2 moneymaking film of all time, only behind Cameron’s Titanic, and it broke records for the sixth week in a row.

Also, people outside the US liked it.

Second, today the Apple iPad was released. It’s more iPod Touch writ large than netbook, but Apple usually knows what it’s doing. (OK, Newton, a few others, but still…) It really does define a new market the way the iPhone did, and the way a real, human-friendly desktop computer did.

Everybody wanted it cheaper, more powerful, doing everything a MacBook Pro can do – but it ain’t supposed to be a MacBook Pro. Remember the old Apple term – Steve may have coined it – “digital appliance.” Yep. This is it.

It will be shipping worldwide all at the same time. People in other countries will like it, too.

The third one, of course, is ol’ Barry, Barak H. Obama. You can’t have everything. He’s pretty much created disaster everywhere he touches (and he touches a lot). Tonight he’s going to gut the space program, as well. Thanks for that, by the way.  Sure, lots of people had unreasonable expectations, but he’s not even living up to reasonable ones. He will probably outdo Jimmy Carter in screwing up the country and only taking four years to do it.

The only good thing is that he could be a huge help to Republicans, if they don’t squander the advantage.

Oh, and people in other countries used to like him. Now they make fun of him.

Two out of three isn’t bad, right?


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