Apple Tablet Discovered!

January 24, 2010

And here it is…

Code-named “Bashful,” it was a design from 1983 – pre-Macintosh, even. Looks like the Apple IIc keyboard. Another image I saw had a board to hold both pieces with a “convenient carrying handle.”

I remember the IIc. It was pretty slick, but I was using a IIe then and didn’t want to drop to a smaller screen size. I also liked the expandability of the IIe – mine had extra memory and a modem card. Pretty tricked-out. (And I didn’t get mine until 1986, after I came to the school I’m at now. I had to survive with a Commodore 64 before that…)

I have to say I’m really interested in what Apple is going to come up with on Wednesday! The rumors are killing me!

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