Why Scott Brown is good for Democrats

January 21, 2010

It took about 30 seconds after the polls closed in Massachusetts for Demon-crat congresscritters to abandon their health care bills. Even Obama said they should wait until Brown was seated.

This shows that they knew that what they put together was complete crap. Many of them, had this bill passed, would have lost their jobs in the next election. Everyone knew about the backroom deals for the unions, Nebraska, etc. Voters would take it out on them next November.

So dropping it now, talking about “bipartisanship” again, playing nice for a little while might save a few Democrat seats. It’s shaping up to be 1994 again and the Republicans have to have the guts to keep up the pressure. If the unemployment rate drops a bit over the next six months the public could easily forget how close we were to the edge.

The question remains if the Republicans have the guts and the energy to “keep up the skeer.”


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