The dude could win this one…

January 18, 2010

I’ve not said anything about Scott Brown and the Massachusetts senate race because everyone else has, and somewhere in all the noise was all that needs to be said. Today it hit me, though, that he could win this thing…and that could start the ball rolling for the fall.

Congress has a disapproval rating of 67% according to Fox News. That’s huge. I think the fact that the curtain was pulled back on all the deals made on the Senate version of the health care bill changed the minds of a lot of Americans.

If Congress tried to pass this thing when there was not double-digit unemployment they might have a chance. People can be easily made to feel guilty about what they have that others don’t, and since most of them don’t choose their health care, or really know what it costs, it’s an easy jump to thinking that “somebody” ought to make it available to everyone.

Unfortunately President Bush and the Congressional Republicans started the overspending ball rolling and the Demon-crats and Obama just wanted to be overachievers. Americans know they can’t live beyond their own means. They’ve seen the polls that say that the health care bills are not universally accepted. They see their friends, neighbors and family members out of work. Health care sounds good, but taxes don’t, and I think more people understand that than Reid and Pelosi do.

So enter Scott Brown, a regular guy who says Washington is out of control. Duh! Everybody gets that now and they don’t believe others who deny it, not any more. People can identify with him and he seems to “get it.”

I don’t buy into in the general belief that Massachusetts is solidly Democratic, either. First, over half the voters say they are not affiliated with any party. Second, when I was there a few years ago I saw an awful lot of “Welcome Home” banners on train trestles and overpasses for returning veterans. Outside of Boston I think this state is a lot more conservative than people think – sort of like Chicago and Illinois. It is definitely more patriotic than partisan, and than works in Brown’s favor right now, tool. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coakley’s main support was in Boston, and in the smaller towns it was solidly Brown.

This election really is a referendum on the health care bill. If Brown wins, even by a squeaker, the Demon-crat leadership in the Congress should be very, very afraid. Hell, if he barely loses they should be very afraid!


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