I’m pondering…

January 18, 2010

why other nations need to be put under the “control” of their military or ours, to keep the peace, while we don’t seem to need that here? Why does Haiti need soldiers to control the populace after a natural disaster but other places do not. OK, there was looting in New Orleans post-Katrina, but certainly not to this kind of extent – and some of that was because everyone that could, got the hell out of Dodge.

We always expect to have to bring control to other countries. Iraq, Afghanistan, as recent examples. We wouldn’t stand for it ourselves, would we? Let’s say that after Katrina the Mexican army came in to “keep order.” Would we allow that? Hell, no!

I suppose it sounds hard-hearted, but I don’t think occupation is ever going to work. Pournelle says that garrison duty is always the worst kind. I believe in helping people when terrible devastation occurs. I’m just finding it hard to believe we can control another country, or that we should.

Still pondering. Maybe more on this later.


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