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January 17, 2010

First, a recommendation: Dropbox.com. Coolest thing ever for people who need to use two or more computers and share files. I use three machines, at least, regularly…two of them are next to each other, a mac and a PC, but trying to link them with our school security system is problematic. I’ve had to sneakernet with a thumb drive almost every day. Now I can store stuff on this for free (up to 2 GB, 50 GB for ten bucks a month), and it updates almost instantly. You can share specific folders with others, as well, through a web-based interface.

Second item: I’m finally on Twitter (jdwaggoner). It’s only because Southwest does deals through it. Some people tweet way too much (Kevin Smith, I’m talkin’ ’bout yo’.) I don’t have that much to say. What I do is on here.

Third: been watching “Castle.” First season. Cute show. Question – are there only about 20 actors in Hollywood/New York in TV any more? I keep seeing the same people on here, Law and Order, CSI, Numbers…who has the stable of Actors For Crime Dramas?

Maybe the Apple TV is a niche product, but we use it for some TV shows, like “Castle.” Not so much for music, although running it through the downstairs stereo would be great…I just tend to listen to music upstairs in my office or through headphones, nowadays. I just wish it had more storage – we stream most everything from the iMac upstairs, with a 1 TB external drive.

Not mine, but cool!

Novel update: working on it. About so far 4500 words that will end up in the book in one way or another, mostly background, design of the City of Pensacola, my starship.

I’m waiting for the iSlate, or whatever Apple will call it. I’m afraid once it’s announced it will be The Thing I Must Possess. If anyone would like to donate to my cause, Getting Jeff An ISlate, please do.


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