Don’t let the door hit you…

January 6, 2010

More Demon-crats are jumping ship, not only in the Congress but in Governor’s races as well. We’ll do just fine without Chris Dodd. There’s an outside chance a Republican could take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, and governor in Massachusetts as well. While there are about a hundred people running for Illinois governor on the Republican side, whichever one wins the primary in February has a good shot at winning in the People’s Republic of Illinois. We’re equal opportunity here, folks – we’ll send a governor to jail no matter what his political party. (Although right now Blogo is still out of the slammer and doing a Sunday afternoon radio talk show, which may be like jail in some ways.) There are a number of Republicans leaving Congress as well, and that’s fine…I’ve become a big believer in term limits, and if we can’t get them, having them be self-imposed is better than nothing.

But what can we do about Barney Frank?


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