2009 wrap-up – not what you might think!

December 31, 2009

I’ve seen a number of writers, even in the conservative press, painting a pretty dismal picture of 2009. Granted, Obama has been working hard to turn us into a soft tyranny, with the willing help of Demon-crat congresscritters and the lack of aggressive Republican opposition. The economy has, simply, sucked – a house of cards collapsed and we decided to fix it by piling on more cards, then pouring gasoline on them and setting them aflame. (How’s that for metaphor? Or is it analogy?)

But there is a HUGE bright spot in all of this. If McCain had been elected, we would most likely been sliding the same way, but more slowly, like the frog in the pot of slowly-heating water. We wouldn’t notice so much that things were getting worse. He might have even been pressured to be “moderate” and go to Copenhagen and sign some stupid treaty.

Instead, we see Obama, Reid and Pelosi for who they really are. We see the Demon-crats for their real motives of power and control, their vision of statism. No longer can they say they are doing this for the poor and downtrodden – even the poor and downtrodden don’t want the things they are trying to do.

The “climate change movement” – like a watermelon, green on the outside, but big and red on the inside – has been exposed as well. The email scandal was a tipping point for an awful lot of Americans, and I hope for many worldwide. The CCM has been exposed as another power grab, another means of “redistributing wealth,” and another way of controlling people’s lives.

We’ve seen the man behind the curtain, at home and abroad. But will we have the courage, the brains and the heart to do something about it?

Happy New Year to everyone!

And prayers and good thoughts go out to Rush Limbaugh, who was hospitalized yesterday in Hawaii with chest pains. I hope it’s nothing serious and Rush will be back out and playing golf tomorrow!

Need something to read? Educate yourself in the new year:

The leading conservative think tank is the Heritage Foundation.

The leading libertarian think tank is the Cato Institute.

Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny is vital to every American’s self-interest, and to the future of the country

Some interesting science fiction that shows how a libertarian country could exist:

Michael Z. Williamson – check out Freehold

L. Neil Smith – check out the “Probability Broach” series – recent is The American Zone

All y’all have a great end of ought-niner…I’ll be back in ‘ten.

What are you lookin' at?



  1. Hey..Saw your post about the Leif Ericson UFO model kit that’s been released. I’m looking for someone who could use that nifty kit as a base for the secondary hull of a Star Trek type scratch/kitbash build I’ve been thinking about..Do you know anyone who you’d recommend for the job?

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