Help with MIDI sequencers…

December 30, 2009

Maybe I’ve mucked about with my Mac too much. I’ve tried not to, really I have. Last summer I got a Digidesign MBox and a copy of ProTools LE 8. I had problems with it then and just left it. I also got a copy of Digital Performer 6. I also have a version of Logic Express that’s a couple of years old.

None of them work. All are prone to crashes. I’ve spent the last day and a half trying to get them to work. I’ve updated everything, cleaned out plugins I don’t need, everything – and I think things are worse now than before.

My main Mac is a 20-inch 2005 iMac, with a single 1.8 GHz G5 processor. It has 2 GB of RAM and runs everything else happily, even PhotoShop. It’s on as high a version of Mac OS X as it can be – 10.5.8. (Since it’s not an intel Mac it can’t run Snow Leopard.)

Anybody out there with a suggestion? Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup utility crashes, too. When the hard drive was showing signs of failing I had to reinstall the OS and redo the updates, about three months ago. I suppose I could be missing something. I understood the extensions and such in OS 9 but the Unix underpinnings of this OS are too much for me. All I want is a decent sequencer. I used to be able to run DP and Vision on the old Macs and get real work done. It would be nice if audio files were integrated into it, too. Mainly I want to dump MIDI files from Sibelius into the thing and tweak the performances.

The only thing that IS working is Kontakt2 Player. Now that it works I’d hate to remove it.



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