Grab Bag of Observations

December 8, 2009

Stuff that I have no extended comments on. If you prefer your observations from someone younger or smarter, move along.

I’ve not found a reason to have anything to do with Facebook yet. Or Twitter. Is this post sort of like tweeting?

NCIS: Los Angeles is not nearly as good as regular NCIS. And what the heck is the deal with the Shadout Mapes?

CSI normal is way better than the other two. It’s much better now that Weddle and Thompson are on the show.

Al Gore is an idiot. Is there any reason why anyone should listen to this man? Even compared to the other climate nuts, he’s way over the top.

The problem with the climate stuff is that everyone manipulates data and opinion now…it’s all spin. There’s money to be made and control to be had, and so anyone with truth, or any kind of conclusions that might interfere with making that money and controlling others, must be supressed.

The Obama administration doesn’t care if the data supports global warming or doesn’t. It doesn’t care if the health care issue is handled in the best interest of Americans or not. It’s about control. That’s all you need to know.

This article from, of all things, Atlantic Monthly has some interesting observations. It suffers from lack of focus – the issue of infections in hospitals, I think, disrupts the focus of the article. And I don’t really agree with his recommendations. It does show that something is very wrong in health care, and we could do something about it. Still, it’s interesting.

Virgin Galactic is very cool. They are doing exactly what they said they would do, and with style. Wish I had the money ot fly with them.

You can’t make me believe British Columbia is Santa Barbara.

I spend most of my days with Windows XP. I still love my Macs. The best thing about OS X is the Quartz imaging engine; the display is simply better than any Windows machine I’ve seen. Yeah, I suppose Windows 7 will be better…sure. When Apple bought NeXT they got Steve Jobs and Display PostScript, and therefore Quartz. Smart.

I should be doing something constructive right now, like getting the lights on the Christmas tree. Especially since NCIS LA still isn’t very good.

Switching to Blu-ray was a good idea. I’ve been watching HD tv for so long now that I don’t notice the improved picture as much, but the audio separation is far better than it was with DVDs. Same Denon receiver, same Cambridge Soundworks speakers. Just a Panasonic Blu-ray player replacing the Denon DVD player, which was pretty damn good itself.

We’re still on the Sony tube TV we’ve had for five or six years. It’s the biggest tube Sony built, 42″.   It still does a good job of displaying 1080i. It’s pretty decent even compared to the new plasmas.


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