Derek Sivers gave away a $ 22 million company!

December 4, 2009

Derek Sivers, the founder of independent music distributor CDBaby, has a blog posting on how he gave the company away. You have to read it.

Derek was a senior guitarist in jazz band the year I came to Hinsdale Central from Ohio. That was 1985, and he had the 1980s guitarist look – big hair, red leather pants, etc. He went off to Berklee to learn to be a musician.

Apparently he’s learned to be a lot of things. He is truly an amazing guy. Read his blog posts. You’ll see!



  1. Hi Mr. Waggoner! Thanks so much for posting this. Nice to re-make a connection across decades. (Especially the time between age 17 and 43 feels like many lifetimes past.)

    • One of the coolest things about being a teacher is finding out how kids you taught turned out. I’ve got former students who are firefighters, musicians, teachers, “captains of industry,” scientists, doctors – all sorts of things. I’m glad to see you having such a good time, Derek, and helping out a lot of folks. Makes an old retired teacher happy!

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