Why no new posts of “The Righteous Stuff?”

December 3, 2009

Because I’ve been editing the final copy, that’s why. I found a few continuity errors and such that I’d like to correct along the way. If anyone out there wants to read the final draft before I send it off, let me know. (In comments here is fine.)

I’ve reached a point where I don’t know if it’s any good or not. It’s not as clever as Niven at his best, but I’m not as talky in the infodumps as Weber. My characters and dialogue are OK. In my book nobody writes better dialogue than Spider and Heinlein. Not close to them. RAH seemed to be able to just spin it out. It seems Spider must agonize over it more, since he writes much more slowly. My dialogue and characters are no worse than Bova’s, I think – and he sells books.

I think I’m reaching that point where a writer isn’t sure whether to send the thing off or burn it. I’ll send it off, but I’m in doubt mode right now. It was better when I was still writing it.

After this I think I’ll start the Michigan Enclave novel. It’s at least original. Maybe I can get it published more easily than this one that’s based on somebody else’s characters. I’m building a timeline for the Michigan book, which is a near-future world where Michigan separates from the US and nobody much cares – it was a drag on our socialist economy anyway – and it rebuilds itself as not only a much more libertarian state, but also a strong free-market economy. Eventually it helps drag the US out of its socialism…or not. I haven’t decided on that yet.


One comment

  1. Why michigan and not texas?

    Id like a copy 😀

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