“V” may be just about done in…and notes about CSI

November 19, 2009

There was a drop in V’s ratings from week one to week two of 29 per cent, and another 18 per cent this week. Next week is the last of the set of four episodes that will be shown this calendar year; the rest are supposed to be aired in the spring of 2010.

Any bets that it will end up going direct to video?

I’m done with it. It’s too predictable and the Cylons already look like people – and there’s no Number Six. Besides, it’s opposite NCIS and it’s been very good this year. Unfortunately, NCSI: Los Angeles is just OK.

The setup was really OK. I think it’s the quality of the writing and the casting that’s making it feel boring.

Last week, the CSI series did a thread that ran through all three shows. Only the last one was really well written – the regular CSI (Las Vegas) ep, where Weddle and Thompson watch over it. I don’t know how much of their craft they learned from Ron Moore or vice versa, but since they have taken over CSI it’s been far more interesting than last year. The season opener used an old idea – flashbacks from a  scene shown at the outset with no setup – but using the 3-D freeze-frame effect at the beginning was brilliant, and the writing made an old concept interesting.

Put her in charge!

Now if someone could fix CSI:Miami. I don’t even blame David Caruso for all of it. He’s a one-trick pony, but he does his one trick remarkably well. Just don’t try to make him a multifaceted actor. You’re not gonna get it out of him. Kick him upstairs to fight with the brass. Let Emily Procter run the place. I’ve loved her since The West Wing, when she was my favorite conservative.

Producers, you may use my suggestions, free of charge!


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