The Party on the Capitol Steps on November 5

November 6, 2009



Jon Voight rallying the troops!

This image is the only one I could find Googling all the appropriate search terms. Once again, our news media didn’t cover it much, just like with 9/12. 20,000 peaceful people, meeting and then going to visit their congresscritters – it ain’t news, yo.

Jon Voight was there, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) organized it, Mark Levin was there…I wish I could have seen this.

Obviously this wouldn’t affect Pelosi or Reid. It could make the Blue Dogs think twice about voting for this health care non-bill. That, plus the craziness in NY 23 and the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races, should let them know that de pepul ain’t necessarily willin’ to go with whatever the lefties want to do…you like your job, you stop votin’ de crazy.



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