“V,” Episode 1

November 3, 2009

Laura Vandervoort in "V"

Well, it’s prettier than the 1983 original. And the TV anchor dude looks kind of like Marc Singer. And as I predicted, Anna the Boss Alien Chick is the most intriguing character on the show. Most of the rest of the characters are pretty stereotypical. The plot moved fast – we know the aliens are really big lizards (thanks, Dr. Venkman), and there are little topical bits thrown here and there. I just don’t know if there will be enough intrigue to keep it going.

One of the problems with shows like this – and a lot of genre shows with arcs, nowadays – is the balance between giving you new information and keeping you hanging.I found Lost to be too drawn out and I gave up watching it. I think Fringe strikes a successful balance. When you do a remake, you have to figure out how to maintain that mystery balance. Ron Moore figured that out, by going in a new direction in Battlestar Galactica. (Some would say, and I half-agree with them, that he held the final pieces of information to the end and then didn’t quite deliver.) This one is going to be dicey. Good luck, writers!

The inclusion of Alan Tudyk as an FBI agent/lizard is a pretty good casting decision, though. Now that I think about it, replacing the cast of this show with the cast of Firefly would have been a plus: Sean Maher (Simon in Firefly) could have covered the TV anchor part as well as the Shep Smith lookalike. Nathan Fillon could have played the FBI agent. Yeah, I know it’s a female character in the show. All I say is: Starbuck. So could Gina Torres.

Hmm. Where does Ron Glass fit in? He would be another really imposing Visitor, maybe. Jewel Staite is just so dang cute she could handle a part like the blond V chick above.

Well, I can dream.


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