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Rush, George Soros, and the Grand Plan

October 15, 2009

So Rush Limbaugh has been forced out of a group of investors who wanted to buy the St. Louis Rams NFL team. At about the same time as that information came to light, it was also discovered that George Soros was apparently another of the investors.

Obviously Rush would not have gotten involved with George Soros directly. He wants to be a part of the NFL because (a) he loves the game and the NFL, and (b) he has the cash to do what he wants. He says he did not know who all the other investors were. He worked with Dave Checketts of Madison Square Garden, who was heading one of six groups that were bidding for a 60% stake in the team that was being sold by Goldman Sachs Group on behalf of the family of the former owner.

Soros seems an odd choice. Sure, he has money, but he doesn’t seem the sports-fanatic type. Or is this part of the Soros Grand Plan.

Yeah, it sounds like another crazy rant about conspiracies.  Still, I think he wants to punish what America is about – freedom-loving people, a capitalist economy – by using those same people against themselves. I don’t understand why. His youth and the early history of his companies is a strange story in itself. It is apparent that he seems to love control for its own sake. He may be the closest thing to a James Bond-style villain in the world today, working in the shadows, financing his minions, working to destroy us.

Did he put Sharpton and Jackson up to it? Probably not. These two men are stupid enough to shoot their mouths off without his urging, but they are the kind of useful idiots he has to love. I would not be surprised if he supports the groups that support them, directly or indirectly.

Soros has been clever, though. It is difficult to pin him down as being directly in control of anything. He doesn’t have to be if his wishes are carried out, however. He scares me more than anyone in Congress, Obama, or any leader across the world.