“Righteous Stuff” update

September 27, 2009

51YEGDRGFCL._SS500_I had some free time in a motel room in Dayton, Ohio, while traveling to judge a marching band show, and wrote about 2000 words of “Righteous Stuff.” A lot of description of a suborbital test flight of a Draka orbital prototype. I had no internet connection – it wasn’t that good a motel – so I have to look up some map details before it’s finished. I also have to find a place in South America to land the poor guy! I’ve spent some time rereading “On The Edge Of Space,” Milt Thompson’s great description of the X-15 program, and a lot of real-world X-15 flight profile data ends up in the story. (I also noticed that the hardcover is going for almost $ 70 used – maybe I should sell it and buy the paperback version!)

The other book that has been extremely useful is the Apogee Books’ “X-20 Dyna Soar.” Apogee publishes some excellent books on the history of space flight, many with CDs or DVDs included.

Almost time for my flight back to Chicago. Hopefully I can land my pilot safely tonight or tomorrow!


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