The Apology to the UN

September 24, 2009

I’ve heard enough of Obama’s speech to say this: he is rapidly rolling from incompetent boob to dangerous imbecile. Does he really live in a world where no one wants to harm us? He doesn’t get it: they don’t want to harm us because of what the President does, says, or stands for – they do be cause of what THE AMERICAN PEOPLE do, say, and stand for. And Mr. President, that is NOT going to change, no matter what you say.



  1. There’s a LOT of stuff “The Almighty Obama” just doesn’t get, and neither do his hoards of sheep that are blindly following him!

    Good thing I had influences like you in my life!

    I got to thinking of you, because my daughter, who started High school at Barbeton this year, is in marching band and was telling me they’re playing “What is Hip” by Tower of Power. I remember that’s one of your favorite bands!

    Email me if get a chance!

    Cliff Seiler

  2. Spelling Correction…

    That was suppose to be ‘Barberton’ (not Barbeton)

    • Good to hear from you. Cliff – after all this time! And you have a daughter old enough to be in high school! Wow! (Of course, I have two little granddaughters, now…time marches on for all of us!)

      Keep in touch!


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