Random Thoughts…

September 13, 2009

I don’t care how many TV shows you go on, and how much you say it: the majority of the American people are the way they were at the founding of this country. They want to earn a living, take care of their families, and maybe enjoy themselves a little bit. They don’t want anyone – their next-door neighbors, their maiden aunt, or the Federal Government – sticking their nose in their business. We need a Federal government for a few things, like national defense. Still, the American people know that the size and intrusiveness of government is out of control and eventually they will do what is necessary to stop it.

It remains to be seen how soon that happens, and how bad things need to get in the meantime. We may see a Second American Revolution in our lifetimes, folks.

Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, may have erred in protocol but he was right. Listen to a session of Britain’s Parliament some time if you want to hear spirited responses. And this from the Brits, of all people!

I believe in civility. However, if one side maintains civility and allows the other to overrun them, what good was civility?

I do not believe this faux-drawl of Obama’s, where he drops the ends of words, is on a par with the great orators of history. It is a folksy affectation that will eventually annoy everyone.


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