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This is true…and more people have to say it.

September 3, 2009

“Redistribution of wealth” is just theft. That’s all it is. No amount of sugarcoating it will change that. The State cannot”redistribute” wealth without taking it from its owners and giving it to someone else. Since the State does this without our permission, or at the point of a gun, that is stealing. Plain and simple, folks.

If I want to give the State some of my property – my wealth – voluntarily, then the State may do with it what it chooses. If I do not give up the wealth the State demands of me, I will be jailed and my property confiscated. This is morally wrong. I can’t take my next-door neighbor’s car if I don’t have one. I can’t take somebody’s lunch off their table at McDonald’s. Why can the State take my property?

This is probably the single biggest mistake the early US Government made.

Fees for use – that’s different, if it is voluntary. A fee that is required is not. It’s just another tax. Calling a car license a fee is baloney. It’s a tax. Don’t give me the “you don’t have to drive a car” crap.