Help out a great guy!

July 21, 2009

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Alan Ury has been running a very fine  “garage kit” model company for the last few years. Now, nobody makes a killing in the GK model business. Everybody who does this does it as a true labor of love, and Alan’s choice of kits have been classic and current sci-fi film and TV vehicles, X-planes and speculative aircraft and spacecraft, like the beautiful von Braun Ferry Rocket:


His choices just happen to be the kinds of things I like to build. Anyway, one of the biggest copyright owners has decided Alan shouldn’t sell ships from their movies. (The company shall remain nameless.) Now, a GK  maker can get maybe 30 or so copies from a rubber mold, if he’s lucky; resin casters by the way they make their products are severely limited in how many copies they can make…so the Big Movie Company is not losing money on this, and it probably cost more in their lawyers’ billing hours to write a letter than the GK maker earns from a kit.

Alan hasn’t asked anyone to do this. I just think if any modelers happen to read this, give his products a try. It supports him, supports the hobby, and you will be delighted with your purchase. His kits are well-designed and well-cast, and his service is top-notch. I’ve bought several kits from him and I plan to buy more as soon as my wallet allows for it!

Alan’s site  can be found here.


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