Return of Shuttle-C?

July 15, 2009

For those of you who don’t remember, back during the development and early implementation of the Shuttle a cargo version was proposed, commonly referred to as Shuttle-C. It was based on the Orbiter with no wings and no crew cabin – a shell with cargo doors and shuttle main engines.

One of the groups that made a presentation at the Second Augustine Commission meeting in June proposed a similar system (shown above), but one that even would allow for human “cargo” – side-mounting the Orion capsule system on top of and enclosed by one of these Shuttle-C vehicles.

It’s a pretty presentation. I don’t know if it is a better idea than the others. Personally, I tend to like the DirectLauncher concept, but that just makes sense to me visually. It may have no basis in engineering reality!


One comment

  1. Wow that animation is amazing. How would they get the SSMEs back after the launch?

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