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Down, boys…

July 10, 2009
Hey guys, she's only 17!

Hey guys, she's only 16!

I don’t usually bring up stuff like this. This one, though, I just had to. The story is in the New York Post.

It’s not that red-blooded American (or French) males shouldn’t appreciate the female form – it’s that they held it long enough for Reuters to get the photo.

It’s part of the hypocrisy that is the Obama Administration. “We’re all gonna have to sacrifice, but…oh wait, not this weekend, we’re going to New York to take in a show. And anybody want ice cream? Let’s go!”

He enjoys the role too much for all the things he’s putting us through. He needs to show more respect for the office. I thought President Bush pulled his punches too often in favor of “civility,” but he had the utmost respect for the office. And you would never see a photo like this of him!