Scratchbuilding the “Princess Cecile” – Part 4

July 8, 2009

Since it’s summer and I have a little more time off, I have been trying to complete the Moebius Seaview. It’s a big beast, 1:128, three feet long, with lighting all through the hull. It’s the most complex lighting job I’ve ever done, and it took all of last summer to just do the interior that will be seen through the big windows in the front.

Anyway, in between I’ve been working on the Sissie some more. Here’s the main parts of the struts for the outriggers, epoxied together from the inside:

PC strut 1They will stand the outriggers off the main hull by 1 inch when installed. One piece of aluminum rod, two brass tubes, and an aluminum tube. There are two for each side. (Any more and I was afraid I would interfere with the antenna masts.)

While I was drafting some drawings to help me locate things, I decided, based on our discussions on the Starship Modeler board, to add the missile tubes – one exiting the ship “up” – at right angles to the decks – and the other, “down.” Here are the cut aluminum tubes:

PC missile tubesI found a piece of aluminum tube that would fit inside these. I epoxied the interior, added a couple of nozzles and that thing from the TOS Enterprise pilot engine:

PC missile 2Not much to look at yet, but it will be a missile. The Sissie‘s missiles need no conical nose; they can’t – or at least shouldn’t – be launched in an atmosphere. (They use matter-antimatter drive engines, which tend to destroy themselves and everything around them if fired in an atmosphere. See With The Lightnings.) I’m considering a diorama with the Sissie in Harbor Three on Cinnabar, maybe loading a missile and preparing for her next voyage.

Here’s a quick shot of the hand-drawn plan I’ve started to use for layout:

PC planIt doesn’t look like much, but I had to space the antenna mast rings, and I tried to locate the missile tubes amidships so launching one wouldn’t through the ship into a spin. I also figured the fusion bottle needs an access hatch, so I have to know where it is. I also tentatively located the deck levels to help in hatch placement.

More to come…


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