Scratchbuilding the “Princess Cecile” – Part 3

July 2, 2009
Pontoon struts - prototype

Pontoon struts - prototype

For those of you following this scratchbuild, this is a quick-and-dirty prototype of possible pontoon struts – in the extended position. It’s a couple of pieces of plastic tube, paper and cardboard, hot-glued to the hull and pontoon. The pontoon is held on with a big ‘ole glob of Blu-Tack.

Prototype High Drive motor

Prototype High Drive motor

The High Drive motor prototype was carved out of balsa foam, with an engine nozzle (Kotobukiya “Burner Nozzle”) I got from StarShipModeler.biz. It’s been painted with Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer. I’m not sold on it yet; I’m just playing around with ideas.

And yes, that’s the X-Men “X-Jet” from Fantastic Plastic in the background. It’s not finished yet:

X-Jet 75% finished

X-Jet 75% finished

Not much will happen over the next couple of days with the grandkids here! I’m also letting the Camouflage Gray underside of the Seaview cure for a few days.


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