Another Republican To Watch

June 29, 2009
Michele Bachmann, R-MN

Michele Bachmann, R-MN

Michele Bachmann, R-MN, took a clear and eloquent stand against the cap and trade bill on the House Floor Friday night in less than 60 seconds. I had not heard of her before, but a little research shows her to be a Reagan conservative and that the left absolutely hates her, so she would get my vote!

I can’t seem to embed video from RealClearPolitics, so here’s the link.

Yep, she said a choice between “Liberty and Tyranny.” Just like Mark Levin’s book. It’s almost Independence Day – NOT the “Fourth of July” – INDEPENDENCE DAY! So now would be a great time to order Mark’s book. That’s assuming you don’t already have it. you have it, don’t you? Have you read it yet? It’s not a difficult read, you know. Go get it. I don’t make a dime on this…I just think it’s the best way for someone who has not been paying much attention to national politics – and that’s most of us – to see what is really going on, and what needs to be done to make America a better place.

Now, I have have to say “Make America a better place, before it’s too late.” Sorry for that, but it’s true.

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