ISS Assembly Sequence in Flash; New “What If” Novel

May 5, 2009

iss_sunrise My friend, composer Stephen Melillo, sent me this link that shows a flash video of the assembly sequence of the International Space Station. While I would rather have a giant rotating wheel in space like every red-blooded American boy, it turns out that’s harder to do than we thought and a little bit more expensive…so we get the collection of beer cans in space instead. At least we have something.

And I recently finished reading a book called “Children of Apollo” that I found in the Kindle store on Amazon. You won’t find it under science fiction – I found it under alternate history instead. That’s what it is, but the two are pretty intertwined. The branching of reality occurs just after Apollo 11 with a major policy shift in the Nixon Administration: build up the space program to force the Russians to follow, thereby diverting funds they would have been using to build up their military. The book could have used a stronger editor to smooth out the rough spots, but it’s an interesting read. The author, Mark R. Whittington, has a blog you can read here. I recommend the book. I’ve read other alternate universe stories that were much less believable, and Whittington seems to have a bit of  right-leaning bent to him. (And the idea of filming part of Close Encounters on Skylab was brilliant!)


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