TOP in Hammond, Indiana

April 18, 2009


It’s a pretty good location. It’s supposed to seat 2500. It was part of the renovation of the casino a year or so ago, and it’s very comfortable, and seems to have a good sound system. We were in the second row of tables, close to the front, and from there you tend to here more of the stage monitor mix than the main house feed, so I can’t vouch for the sound farther back.

Sightlines look good, and the mezzanine level might be the real place to sit. It’s not too far away – and there are two large video screens flanking the stage, so you can still see the action. If the mix is good back there, just back of of the board, it should be pretty nice.

The band played well, and a bunch of Larry’s friends and family from Chicago must have come down for the concert. He was pretty much mobbed at that time. I was able to squeeze in and get him to sign my set list. (They were selling autographed copies of the set list for $ 20 each, only 20 copies. Larry and Rocco were the only ones who had not signed them. Now mine just needs Rocco’s signature!)

Anyway, a good concert, the band played “You Met Your Match” from the new album, “Great American Soulbook,” apparently for the first time live. Sounded great to me, although Bogus says Larry invented a few lyrics. I think Stevie Wonder probably did that from time to time as well…anyway, he sounded great.  It was a delightful evening all the way around and Bogus says he read that the guy who runs The Venue is a big Tower fan, so maybe they will have a good location to play in the Chicago area every time the come through on tour!


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