Science Fiction and Christianity

April 1, 2009

neo_heroWhile I was looking around on the City Journal web site (see post below), I found a piece about Science Fiction and Christianity, by Benjamin Plotinsky. He talks about the major SF books and films with Christ-like figures, from Star Wars to The Matrix to Dune.

I thought this piece was interesting in light of my previous post about the role of religion, or at least spirituality, in Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica. In B5 it was always pretty obvious where JMS was going, at least that he was going to explore “alternate explanations” for common religious beliefs. In BSG it was more subtle for a long time. As the show played and Baltar increasingly talked about God, it was unclear if this would be significant or just the ramblings of a guilt-ravaged man who was living with the knowledge that he had betrayed the entire human race.

It was significant, and not in the way I expected. I alternately expected it to come to nothing, or a shining-light-in-the-sky kind of revelation about who the Cylon God would be. Ron Moore left us hanging without answering those questions, to an extent. However, the discussions I’ve seen on line about the end of the show dealt more with the fact that the Galacticans seemed to reject all technology and allow themselved to fall into savagery than how the Cylons influenced their religious beliefs. Maybe I’m not reading the right forums!


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