Freedom Of The Press Is Next To Go?

April 1, 2009

I drew this from an article in City Journal by Adam D. Thierer. Thierer quotes an article by John Nichols of The Nation and Robert W. McChesney, an essay they did for The Nation. They arge that to “save” journalism, media become an appendage of the state. According to Thierer, in an earlier piece they said, “Our claim is simply that the media system produces vastly less of quality than it would if corporate and commercial pressures were lessened.”

I’ve said for years that liberals – the people that Mark Levin refers to as Statists, to distinguish them from the traditional definition of liberal – want to control, first, last and always. It’s not about people and their needs and wants at all – those are tools for the control the Statists seek. Every Statist government has been totalitarian in most respects, despite the “People’s State of” nameplates that are often bolted on. Can anyone truly believe that the East Germans had more say in their government than those in West Germany?

Since we are picking up speed on the slipperly slope of Statism right now, nationalizing financial institutions, running automobile companies, and madly printing money to dangle in front of those who have been nearly destroyed by government intervention, can the total control of the press be far behind?

Newspapers are failing because the delivery model is becomeing obsolete. Good content will always sell. Competition has made life more difficult for newspapers, many of whom were the only news outlet in the towns in which they operated. Now we should use tax dollars to prop them up, and therefore make them official house organs for the government? Pravda, anyone?


One comment

  1. So long as the blogging is free and iuncensored , the capacity of govts to have press gagged is limited. In fact what has been damaging the public is wrong information or didtorted or half facts have been appearing in press while the so called freedom is being enjoyed.

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