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Catching Up On Stuff

March 19, 2009

Things I’ve not mentioned lately that I should have:

Happy 25th birthday, Apple Macintosh! (back in January) Doesn’t it feel good to get out of that bag?

RIP Ron Silver. A former Democrat who finally understood after 9/11, he will be missed as an actor and a conservative. “I made so much money on your campaigns, I might just do this one for free.” – Bruno Giannelli, The West Wing

I recently got an Amazon Kindle 2, a gift from my wife. It’s a well-thought-out design and the 3G connection to is very fast. I wish there was a way to backlight the screen but the “digital ink” technology doesn’t work that way. It’s very readable, light and seems to be pretty sturdy. I’m taking it on a trip next week and will report how it works out.


iPhone 3G and Apple Bluetooth Headset Tip

March 19, 2009

I finally dragged out my Apple Bluetooth Headset, the one my son got for me. It was a power-eater with the original iPhone and so I never used it much – about the time I needed to, it was out of juice. I thought maybe it would be different wi the new phone.

First, I couldn’t find the travel cable that charges the headset and the phone. I knew it wouldn’t work with the new phone anyway, but that’s how you are supposed to pair them – plug them both into the cable and the USB end into power, and they should automatically pair. Since that didn’t work I had to do some research.

Here’s the deal: Set the phone to bluetooth mode. (Settings> General> Bluetooth.) Then switch it to Airplane Mode, then back off of Airplane Mode. (I don’t know why.) Then hold the button on the headset down for 8 seconds, until you hear the “power-on” ascending notes and five quick beeps. That puts the headset into discoverable mode for five minutes. It should show up on the phone, and the green light should be blinking on the headset. After the phone finds it you’re good to go.

Why that is the procedure, I don’t know. I put this together from an Apple Tech Note and the Apple forum…two separate answers, taken together, worked.

Good luck out there!