Rush’s First Address to the Nation!

March 1, 2009
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

I’m listening to the replay of Rush Limbaugh’s speech from last night on Fox News right now. It’s available on YouTube, and one of the places you can find it is at the Freedom’s Lighthouse blog. It’s a good primer on conservative values for those who really never figured them out. Rush is listened to by 20 million people a day! Right now Ann Coulter is saying that the most popular cable TV news show gets about 2 million viewers a day; that shows that Rush’s influence is huge. 600 stations, a multi-year contract worth $ 400 million dollars. If people didn’t connect with what he says, would any of that be possible?

Is the savior of the Republican party? I don’t know. Geraldo Rivera says Rush is the leader of the conservative government-in-exile. We could do worse. Our national politicians are not generating any traction because they are not presenting conservative principles. One reason Rush is promoted in this way is because there is no one else with a national voice who is stepping up.

Why is that? It’s so sad. Where are our leaders? We had to wait through the darkness of the Carter administration before we got Reagan. We should be able to take back our own government without depending on the appearance of another Ronald Reagan. That’s a discussion for another day.

Now they are talking on Fox about teh possibility of Rush and Ann Coulter as “an item.” Now that might be more than the liberals stand – a noookular explosion of conservatism!


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