Rereading “Atlas Shrugged”

February 21, 2009

atlas_shrugged_cover I’ve been rereading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” – actually, listening to an unabridged audiobook of it. (I got it from Audible.com, and it’s the version read by by Scott Brick. It’s probably 60 hours long, and I’m about halfway through.)

Now, please understand that I am only partially an Ayn Rand fan – I do not agree with her stand, and that of the Ayn Rand Institute, on everything. I particularly do not go along with her requirement that a rational person must be an atheist. I suppose the logic makes sense, but I’ve found that as a mature adult I must balance rationality and seeming irrationality. There are many things I understand, and many things I do not – I tend to think that things I find to be irrational today may be found to be completely rational.

However, I completely understand her hatred of communism and her promotion of capitalism. I don’t think I can make a case nearly as well as she did, so read the dang book.

There’s a good reason for you to read it – it’s happening now. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal. It was written by Stephen Moore…the Club for Growth Stephen Moore. It’s depressing and scary, but that’s what it should be. The Big Barak Giveaway is only the first step. It’s like the thin veneer of actually serving the people has fallen away from the Congresscritters and they are now operating in the open. Everyone should be able to see exactly what the Congress is up to…but people who don’t understand what is going on are just afraid and don’t know why, and therefore want the government to “do something.” The proper way to handle this “crisis” is to “do nothing.” I’m planning on posting a few excerpts from the book on here from time to time. Maybe that will help clarify things for me, and perhaps for readers as well.

By the way, JohnGaltGifts.com is pretty interesting…


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