$ 17 billion – that’s all?!?

February 16, 2009

directlauncherI just looked it up – NASA’s annual budget is around $ 17.3 billion. That’s it. We’re taking about three-quarters of a trillion dollars in the Big Barack Giveaway and we can’t throw another 15 billion at NASA? Imagine what could be done with THAT money! Maybe this DirectLauncher.com concept could be implemented. Three or four years of that and we could be on the Moon again!

Naw. Never happen. Every congresscritter in the US has his snout in this one. While NASA provides jobs, and visibile results, for some reason in Washington it’s become fashionable to criticize NASA as being wasteful. Pot, kettle, boys. Maybe if you didn’t have to go on TV and demand 100 per cent success all the time, and yet not even give them enough money to landscape around the buildings, they could get something done.

Oh, well. I’m going to have an attitude problem about the Big Barack Giveaway and all the other crazy liberal crap for a while. I started listening to the audiobook of Atlas Shrugged last week. I don’t buy the atheistic, pro-abortion stance of the Ayn Rand Institute, but she made a lot of sense in the book. Go read it if you haven’t, and then see if you don’t feel like storming Washington to take back your country and your freedoms.


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