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SpaceX Falcon 9 goes vertical

January 13, 2009


Falcon 9 on the pad at the Cape

Falcon 9 on the pad at the Cape

The article can be found here.

I’ve followed the work of SpaceX with a  lot of interest and hope. These folks are serious contenders, and have not let setbacks frustrate them. The Falcon 9 that was test-integrated on the pad at Complex 40 is not exactly the first flight article, although the first stage was. Some things can only be fit and some problems can only be solved at the pad, so taking the rocket there and doing the integration testing was a brilliant idea – and the company is nimble enough to make necessary changes quickly and without too many levels of management.

SpaceX hopes to launch the Falcon 9 for the first time in the summer, and I sincerely hope everything goes well for them. This is a company that is trying to do the right things, the right way, and they have the potential of standing the space transportation industry on its head.

And doesn’t it look gorgeous under the lights?