What’s going on? + Obscure Penn Joke

December 3, 2008


Comedy Legend Penn Jillette

First, where have I been/ Well, doin’ stuff, important stuff, just not writin’ a blog read by…maybe…several. If I’m lucky. I read in the textbook for my current e-commerce class that the average number of readers per blog is just over 1…and I don’t expect this is very different from all those others.

My e-commerce class takes some time, my stupid cold/sinus infection takes some time, playin’ with the grandkids takes some time, you know. Plus my wife got me this really sweet tool chest, actually for Christmas, but it came in boxes with a really nice full-color picture of the chest on the side, therefore spoiling the surprise just a bit. Therefore, Debbie said I should open it and start putting stuff away in it to keep tools away from Brisco the Destructo Cat. So I did. It’s really beautiful, well-made, real oak, no particleboard in it. Just gorgeous. I will be very sad the first time I spill a bit of paint on it.

Now for the obscure joke: On “Numbers” a few weeks ago (we were watching it on the PVR) Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller made a guest appearance as himself. He and Charlie Epps, the math genius, had just met and were having a little mutual admiration society thing goin’ on. Finally Penn says that some day he would like to sit down with Charlie and discuss one of Charlie’s math papers, the blah blah blah blah whatever it was. Charlie replies that he didn’t write that paper. Straight face, Penn says, “White tigers.”


spoiler space for those who really need to know what the joke is about and didn’t get it…

more space…

Remember Siegfried and Roy? The Las Vegas act that ran for years and years, with the white tigers in it? We saw the tigers at the Mirage when we were there some years ago. Apparently Penn & Teller get mistaken for Siegfried and Roy, even though one of them (Siegfried? Roy? I don’t remember. Okay, I looked it up. It was Roy.) was maimed by a tiger a few years ago and they don’t do the act any more.

Anyway, it was a clever, Penn-like throwaway line. It was probably improvised. I’m still chuckling, even after having to explain it.

Incidentally, offstage Teller is the funny one. So says the Renhed, my daughter, who got to work with them once when she was in college. And she knows funny…she also worked with (and appeared on stage with) Bill Cosby and even with Gallagher, who bills himself as “Comedy Legend Gallagher” on his web site. Bill Cosby, who is a comedy legend, doesn’t have to say so.

That tells ya somethin’ don’t it?


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