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Just go vote McCain.

November 2, 2008

Is he the best we could have fielded? No, probably not. Is he a true conservative? I don’t think so, despite him sounding more so the last few weeks. (Thanks to Sarah.) The nature of the primary system selects for middle of the road candidates with a lot of money. McCain doesn’t have the bundle that Obama does, but he did pretty well. “Real change” candididates can’t make it through the primary system – on the right or left.

It comes down to this, folks: Barak Obama has no clue what being President means. He is either incredibly naive or an extremely good liar. Neither one is what America needs.

I’m not sure McCain is as conservative as I think we need, but he’s all we’ve got. Just go vote for him to protect us from the truly horrible things Obama and the leftists could otherwise do to us. That’s the bottom line, boys and girls.