McCain and the mortgage mess

September 24, 2008
No! No! I can fix it! I can! Me! Me!

No! No! I can fix it! I can! Me! Me!

I heard this afternoon McCain is suspending his campaign until Congress votes on a bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae…he’s finally got some momentum, actually is pulling ahead in the polls and there’s a lot of buzz…now to piss it all away. Dude, get over yourself. You aren’t going to solve it single-handed, and it’s highly unlikely it’s going to get solved, anyway. Just go back to campaigning and get the debate theme changed to domestic economy issues.

Or go play around in the Senate and let Sarah do the campaigning. She does a better job of it anyway, and more people will want to hear her.

On second thought, you go take care of that little problem in Congress. Sarahcudda will take care of the campaign just fine, dontchaknow.



  1. Do you have to be able to solve the problem on your own to step and do what you can – especially when it’s your job?

  2. No, that wasn’t exactly what I meant. I think he’s using it as a way to show how dedicated he is to the welfare of the people, and instead he could lose the election over it. I don’t think he probably has that much to add to the discussion…in fact, from what I heard last night in President Bush’s address it’s probably mostly over anyway. (McCain has said repeatedly he’s not the domestic economic expert.) I think he was trying to look concerned and serious and to me instead it looked like he wasn’t willing to keep up the campaign pace. That adds fuel to the fire for those who think he’s too old to be President. Obama was actually pretty much correct in saying that Presidents must be able to handle two things at once…not that I ever expected to say Obama was right in saying much of anything!

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