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Apple, Inc. third quarter profits over a billion dollars – whatthahellyou want from them?

July 21, 2008

I try to keep this a PG-rated site – I truly do. This pissed me off, though.

Apple, Inc., posted a third quarter profit of OVER A BILLION FREAKIN’ DOLLARS and the “financial analysts” were concerned because their fourth quarter profit estimate “missed projections” the analysts made. Not the folks running the company, mind you – the “financial analysts.” Talk about a bunch of gloom-and-doom sissies!

This is the LARGEST SINGLE QUARTER PROFIT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY. Apple sold the most Macs ever for a single quarter, almost 2.5 MILLION UNITS.

I guess that means Apple is on the skids again, folks. I can’t think of a company that has been predicted to be folding, being sold off, or spontaneously bursting into flame as much as Apple has over the past 30 years.

All this tells me is the the ANALYSTS DON’T KNOW JACK. I tell you three times, as Heinlein’s characters would say. It looks to me as if Apple is still growing, selling millions of units of truly innovative products, and showing the rest of us how to do it…just as they’ve been doing for three decades.

I recently reread Guy Kawasaki’s The Computer Curmudgeon, circa 1992, just for fun. If you can find it, read it; it’s still pretty funny. If you weren’t paying attention to Macs and other computers in the early 90s, you may not get all the jokes, however. It’s amazing how predictions about Apple’s demise never change, though. It was going on then, it’s going on now…why? What the heck did they do to the “analysts,” anyway?

Go find somebody else to pick on, you guys. Apple will just keep on doing insanely great things, no matter what stupid noises you make.


More words to live by…

July 21, 2008

“I got a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell!

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