First iPhone apps recommendation

July 17, 2008

I’ve been using a little app called Zenbe Lists on my iPhone. I’m a compulsive listmaker, and it syncs fast to a web-page list. Others can share your lists, so, for example, when my wife wants me to do something around the house she can put it on the list while she’s at work. (Is that a good thing…?)

It’s still a couple of taps more than a list entry would be on the Palm, which had a freakin’ great, simple list app. But it’s free and it’s easy to use, and works pretty darn well.

Now back to outdoor maintenance and landscaping…



  1. What is the name of the application you used on the Palm? I wonder if they have it for the iPhone. Thx

  2. It was just the list app that was built-in on the Palm. Real simple and fast to enter data. Nothing new.

    I’m sure since this was written over a year ago that there are many, many list apps out there…I can’t keep up with the thousands of iPhone apps available!

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