“Star Trek – The Experience” Closing in September

June 30, 2008

For Star Trek fans it was like a pilgrimage – a visit to Las Vegas and a visit to the “Star Trek – The Experience” rides at the Hilton. Now it’s closing.

They spent a pile of money on this thing, with a pretty decent restaurant (complete with a Ferengi manager and a Borg bouncer), huge ship models on the ceiling, a “historical” exhibit of props, memorabilia, and costumes, and the two rides – one that takes you onto the Next Generation bridge and another that is a shuttle ride through a Borg ship.

We visited it a couple of times. It was very well done, with no expense being spared. It was easily the quality of anything at Disney or Universal. It probably reached its peak attendance when Voyager was on television, since that’s when the second ride was added. It’s a pity they couldn’t keep it up until the new movie came out – that should boost attendance. I’m sure the Hilton would rather use the space for an expanded casino, since that’s where the money is. (Although I’ve heard the money in Vegas is now in the conventions, not in the casino income.)

The “Experience” required a number of live actors to run it and interact with the audience, so it was most likely expensive to operate.

Where are the models going? I would love to have that huge Enterprise in my living room. I’d even like the full-sized Gorn.  I’ll have to search around – someplace I have photos of the models in the restaurant/rotunda area.

Sad. Glad we got to see it when we did.

A promotional image – the 1701A is hanging in the background.


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