Political Blindness

June 12, 2008

Back in the day – say, 1975 – our knowledge of what was going on in the world came from three TV networks, the Associated Press, and maybe Reuters News Service. Your local newspaper, like the good old News-Herald in Port Clinton, Ohio, or the Toledo Blade, didn’t have their own people in all the major hot spots in the world. They used the AP wire reports. Maybe the Blade had a Washington reporter. Maybe a stringer in London. But was there someone in Bombay – excuse me, Mumbai?

This gave us a very one-dimensional look at US and world affairs. We also usually had to wait at least until 6 PM to hear what went on that day. I was a big radio listener – not music radio so much, even in the heyday of FM – and even the big 50,000 watt clear-channel AM stations like WJR in Detroit played much the same national and international news hour after hour back then. News just didn’t travel that fast. Sir Arthur had invented the communication satellite, but they weren’t used for the 100+ channels of television we have now.

Today, no one could slant the news the way the Big Three and AP could back then. They still try, of course, but they are losing viewers fast and I doubt they will ever regain them. Just having Fox News is a help. CNN is losing credibility and getting strident. MSNBC – I don’t think anyone watches that channel, really.

But of course the big change is the Internet. A Google search can find thousands of references to almost every significant event in fractions of a second. I just Googled “Iowa tornadoes” – more than two million hits. On the first page some are references to current tornado activity in Iowa, some historical references. The problem is sorting the wheat from the chaff, but that will come as well.

This, as long as we can keep it free and uncensored, is our best hope for the truth. While every liar can get a story out there, the truth can eventually be found as well. Global Warming? You can find Roy Spencer as well as James Hansen. (Check out Spencer.)

I know not everyone has access to the Internet, and I know not everyone has the time to search and sift through the information, but why do so many people believe liberal garbage? From the current state of affairs in Iraq (very successful) to global warming (baloney, and a tool to control you), it’s apparently easier to just believe what you hear than to find out the truth. There are so many lies being perpetrated that your basic lazy American just floats in some kind of relativism…”I don’t know what to believe, so I’ll just kind of go along. They must know what they are talking about.”

Never before in history have the liars worked so hard to combat the truth and maintain control – nor have they had to. Like Mulder and Scully, “the truth is out there.” The problem is that it is buried in a pile of lies.

Please, take the time to find out the truth. Don’t believe the drive-by media and the liberal politicians. Make sure they PROVE IT!


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