Why didn’t science education work?

June 9, 2008

First, if you’re pressed for time, I don’t have an answer to this question. Sorry. But here’s why I want you to consider it:

At least since Sputnik was launched in 1957, we’ve heard repeated cries to emphasize science and mathematics in education – often to the detriment of other facets of education. The folks who should have been the benefactors of that science and math push in the 1960s are now the policy makers and still, by their Baby Boomer status, the largest voting bloc in the US. Apparently that attempt at education in science was a dismal failure, and it looks as if the subsequent revitalized versions did no better.

Here’s why: Americans are stone stupid when it comes to making any kind of reasonable decisions that affect them that involve scientific reasoning. I’m constantly reminded of this in the talk about the “global warming” religion – since it requires only faith, and no proof, it’s a religion, not a science. Why have we become so overcome by power on the one side and guilt on the other to believe this claptrap? Politicians and others know they can control us by saying “it’s for the good of the planet” the way you used to be able to with “it’s for the kids.” Nowadays no one really cares about the kids – or we are willing to give them to others to raise so we can enjoy our own lives. But that’s a topic for another time.

Here’s an article about a recent Minneapolis law. Notice it’s from Green Daily, so it must be good. (Insert sarcasm here.) It restricts you to idle your car’s engine for no more than three minutes. Huh? Is this kind of thing really going to have any effect on the global atmosphere? Of course not. They have no data to support it, but knee-jerk liberals will follow whatever their leaders tell them, and will feel better doing it.

There is no widespread demand for the eco-liberals to prove anything about global warming. If the boomers really had learned anything about science in school they should be screaming for the facts. Instead, we have to subject ourselves to all sorts of restrictions on freedom in favor of “the planet,” while the real reason is so the liberal leaders can control every facet of our lives. The reason communism went hand in hand with totalitarianism is because free peoples wouldn’t allow it. Now we’re giving away our freedoms, piece by piece, sacrificed on the altar of “saving the planet.” It’s a deeply insidious thing, and it’s working, and people apparently are not smart enough to question it. Anyone with even the most basic of a science education should know this stuff is nonsense. Did we really learn nothing? Or do we find it more convenient to not think, and be sheeple?


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