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Take this, Saudi Arabia!

March 31, 2008

oil shaleThe U.S. Geological Survey is supposed to release a report by the end of April about the amount of shale oil available in the Bakken Formation, which spans parts of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan. Estimates range from 200 billion barrels to as many as 900 billion barrels. (Saudi Arabia, for comparison, has reserves of about 260 billion barrels.) Even if the conservative estimates are true, 200 to 300 billion barrels is still an incredible amount. Link

We already have extensive shale oil deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming – perhaps  1.2 to 1.8 trillion barrels. It’s not as easy to get as just pumping it out of the ground, but with oil at $ 100 a barrel, shouldn’t there be some kind of incentive? Link

And much of that is under US Government-owned land. Why, again, are we tied to oil in the Middle East?

I believe President Bush is right that the US should promote democracy around the world. I agreed with the invasion of Iraq, and I agree with us staying there. I don’t think we will be “finishing the job” any time soon – probably at least a generation. There are too many Iraqis who were raised under the Saddam regime who will find it hard to work out of the old mindset, even if they could break out of the 7th-century notions of Islam. The problem will be staying the course through another US generation as well.

I further believe that if we could promote democracy in the Middle East it would make the entire area more stable, as well as improve the lives for millions of Arabs. It may be the most difficult job of transformation in history, but it is worth it.

I also believe that we should do all we can to help protect Israel. We have an obligation, not just as a moral nation, but as a nation that believes in freedom and democracy, to help maintain Israel’s security.

All that said, I don’t know why we should spend another dime messing about with oil in the Middle East. We are enabling Saudi Arabia – home to most of the 9/11 terrorists, and home to Wahabi terrorist-breeding madarassas. The Saudi royal family are Wahabis. We’ve been friends of their for years, and they have been “friends” of ours. Link

The Presidential candidates are all talking about promoting alternative energy sources. Instead of burning food with this nonsense about ethanol, just promote extracting our own oil. If the liberal candidates want to involve the  government more in our affairs, at least put it in the oil business and do us some good!